SIster K’s shower was a success

There must have been 30 or 40 couples at Sister K’s shower.  THe guys started out at a local pub to have beers and watch football while the women did the actual shower and gift exchange, etc., then we all met up later at our house for a party type thing.  During the day, wife M set up the house with a lot of help from Daughter L and some assists from me.  The party started at 3 and at 2 or so a couple of K’s friends arrived to help with final preparations.  I need to relax on weekends due to my illness but that was in short supply of course, so at 2:30 I snuck upstairs and fell into an immediate, heavy, dreamless sleep for 25 minutes before teh first doorbell woke me up and I headed out.  

K seriously scored on the gifts, and her friends were excited for her.  She has been nervous and going through some emotions about being pregnant, so I think the excitement from the shower was good for her.  It was a very nice evening, even for me, who does not like parties anymore (but support my wife hosting them and try my darndest to have a good time, since it is not fair to expect her to give them up :)).  Everyone once again expressed dismay that I have health issues, since I look so fit and healthy.

I had time to talk to K’s friends T and M, twins.  I never knew them that well for years but the last two parties I’ve had time to talk to them and I really like them  – they are good, interesting people – and wife M and I rave a lot about them after parties.  I also really love K’s friends T and L, who are good friends to her and have been for much of her life.

The day started out really rainy but by late afternoon the rain turned to heavy clouds, so it wasn’t too damp/wet for the actual event.

SIster K’s shower was a success

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