I will never, ever go scuba diving. 

I’ve never been a fan of snorkeling. Not only do I worry about sharks and eels, but I don’t like the odd feeling of breathing through a small tube (I always feel like I am going to suffocate).  And that was even true before I came down with lung disease…  Now I am reading Michael Crichton’s Travels where they go diving, and twice he has nearly died because of oxygen-related issues deep down.  I can’t think of a worse way to die then drowning because of being stuck/trapped underwater (I am sure there are, but I don’t want to think too hard), so really can’t imagine a single scenario where I will willingly remove myself from land and put myself 10s of feet deep in water with only a small oxygen tank to keep me from a miserable death.  

I’ve always said I’d never join the navy.  I’d hate being bunked on the bottom of a boat (below the surface) when suddenly I hear an explosion somewhere, everything goes black and then I feel cold water on my feet.  That is far worse than any horror movie ever made.  I’d far rather get blown to bits, or shot or stabbed or even blown out of the sky, which all seem much more pleasant than going down (alive!) with a ship.  I also don’t like going in tunnels that go underwater, although sometimes it isn’t reasonable to avoid (I am going to try to avoid the 99 tunnel in Seattle when it opens, since it goes through landfill in an earthquake zone!!!).  I don’t think there is reincarnation, but if there is I must have drowned in a previous life, because I just don’t want to be underwater.  🙂  Now, the good news is, if that did happen, the misery wouldn’t last all that long — a minute or two and it would be over.  Still, I’d rather avoid that minute or two.

100s of millions of years ago, my ancestors crawled out of the oceans, presumably to avoid sharks and to have less competition for food.  And I have no desire to try to swim back against the current of that kind of evolution by immersing myself deep under water.  There is a reason that we crawled out of the oceans!

I will never, ever go scuba diving. 

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