Wife M’s Best Friend J has two lumps that will be biopsied

Wife M’s best friend and soul mate J has two masses in her breast that the doctors want to biopsy, especially since her mom had breast cancer.  M has already had two close friends beat serious breast cancer (i.e. lives were in danger) so this would be the third if it turns out to be true.  Luckily, it is early and the doctors are confident it is treatable.

I reached out and offered my support.  I am always worried about that, about reaching out too strongly and worrying someone who is trying not to think about it.  But I’d rather error but being over supportive than not supportive enough. When I battled my own potentially fatal lung disease, I have never felt more alone, since the world around me continued on while I fought my own private battle. The world around me truly felt like a shadow.  But J said she feels okay – she was just glad an ovarian cancer test came back negative.  

This month it has been five years since my lung disease battle began.  When you have cancer, people mark and celebrate five years, but I don’t think that really happens with lung disease, even though the mortality rate was 50% before 5 years. So I am privately marking my own days this month, and appreciating that it has been five years.

Wife M’s Best Friend J has two lumps that will be biopsied

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