Love the song 1977 by Ana Tijoux

Wife M and Daughter L — although born and raised in Seattle (we are white, but M spent part of her childhood in a black neighborhood since it was one of the few places her single mother could afford to live, and I went to a high school that was half black) — love all things South and Central American, including the language, peoples and the pop music.  M has traveled there a few times and volunteered in remote medical clinics to immerse herself in the culture and give back to communities.  Today, wife M and Daughter L were listening to Ana Tijoux (by way of Chile) this afternoon, and although I didn’t know her music specifically I recognized her voice from Breaking Bad’s 1977. I love that song, and honestly, as I listen to her other music via wife M I l really like Ana Tijoux’s music.  But I truly loved 1977 in Breaking Bad, how they incorporated the song into the scene, and the way they put that sequence together, which I thought was wonderful (with the undercrank and such).  NOTE: wife M is always quick to point out to me that every country in South and Central America is independent, and people in these countries take pride in their particular country, so to refer to someone from Costa Rica as Mexican for example is insulting. I appreciate that lesson and take pains to avoid mistaking that.  When she was in a remote part of Mexico, people in that location even refused to speak Spanish – they spoke Mayan.  I love that!

Love the song 1977 by Ana Tijoux

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