Watched “We Are Still Here”

We were in the mood for a horror film tonight, so watched We Are Still Here.  It started out okay. The setting and cinematagraphy were good, and it had a creepy feel.  Very little dialogue to start, which added to the mystique.  It had some of the cliches – home was a funeral parlor, ball rolling down stairs, strange neighbors who tell them about the dark histor of the house.  And it had scary moments: the burning smell in the cellar, the reflection in the photo.  At the end of the movie, we learn that the house was built over a dark core, and that the original owners were sacrificed by the town as part of a ritual, and that every 30 years the house awakens to kill more people, and if it doesn’t the darkness consumes the town, so like something out of The Wicker Man or THe Lottery, the town endorses the house’s kllings.  All this was fine, but the last 10 minutes of the film turn hoakie and gory, like a B slasher film or like a low-budget The Fog.  So the movie was adequate overall, but not great.  It probably would have done better to invest more in the second half in building a mystery, as opposed to falling into Dark Comedy like killings involving shotguts, lots of blood, etc.  

Watched “We Are Still Here”

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