Lung Biopsy area is sore today 

The area where I had my lung biopsy five years ago hurts today.  It feels like a pulled muscle, except it is right in the area of the largest score and I was having some issues feeling like I was getting enough oxygen earlier this morning.  My guess is — once again — this will be gone within a day or two, but am documenting it here in case I need to know when it started.  I looked online to see if there are known complications after 5 years, but nothing stood out in my search.  Again, I am sure I am fine 🙂  The last time I had a pain like this on this area was a few days after the surgery, when my chest and back swelled.  My poor wife panicked and rushed me to ER, but it is not an uncommon complication following lung biopsy where the lungs leak.  The oxygen goes into the tissues and there is a strange bubble wrap feeling to the tissue until the body reabsorbs the oxygen a few days later; it was cool enough that I had a few nurses stop by to push on the area to feel it, since it really did feel like bubble wrap to anyone pushing on my back and chest 🙂

Lung Biopsy area is sore today 

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