Wife M and I married 22 years ago this evening :)

We were married in the summer of 1994, which was a warm one for Seattle, including Seattle’s first ever official 100 degree day in July.  It had been a very busy summer for us – M made her own wedding dress, and I was in graduate school and working multiple jobs.  One of my jobs was working as a host at a waterfront restaurant, and because it was a warm summer every day was very crowded and busy, so I was working very hard (often double shifts) on top of school so was very tired much of that summer although I have fond memories of the entire summer.  

What I remember most of the morning of the wedding was driving the car to the hotel before the ceremony so we’d have it the next day, then walking the half mile to the church on a beautiful sunny morning thinking how strange it was that I was getting married that day.  

Our reception was wonderful and it was at a fancy women’s club in downtown Seattle and completely funded by M’s grandma, which I appreciate so much (and wish she were with us so I could tell her that once again).  We were all so young, and M and I were so happy, and we served only wine (not hard booze) and the reception was in the evening (versus late) so we were all in high spirits for the entire evening.  

Another thing that was fun was that we had freak thunder storm just prior to our rehearsal, which was fun, then had the rehearsal dinner at an upscale chicago pizza style restaurant on Capitol Hill, which was a lot of fun. Again, all of us were young — our friends were in their teens and 20s, and our parents were in their 4os and early 50s — so were a lively bunch.

I really loved the entire day, and can’t imagine being married to anyone else.  I’ve adored wife M since our first date, have never regretted my loyalty to her, and seriously doubt I ever will 🙂  If I could change anything about our marriage, it is taht I wish M’s grandma were still alive (she passed away in 2006).

Wife M and I married 22 years ago this evening :)

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