My former VP turned out to be the leche we thought he was

Six months ago when my VP was replaced with a newly promoted VP, it took just a few days to start to suspect he was a big talker.  He seemed to like to play both sides, talking tough one minute when the SVP was in the room then trying to kiss the workers butts after the SVP left (“sorry about all that yelling”) then kissing the SVP’s butt again.  But what really struck me was that one of my female employees mentioned that the VP mentioned to her, “Next time I’m in town we should go to Happy Hour.”  We thought this was odd, because he didn’t mention it to me or the team, but he talked a lot aobut his family so we thought maybe it was an honest mistake.  Turns out it wasn’t.  After I left the company, this VP invited the employee out for dinner and drinks, then held her hand, joked with people that they were married, said he and his wife were sleeping in separate beds, then kept insisting that the employee stay for more drinks, then gave her 100 bucks cash for “uber” when she insisted on leaving.  Now, this employee has worked in bars in Vegas, so she is savvy and knows what is what and knew how to string the guy along not to threaten her job but not without leading him on anymore than he was leading himself on.  As she joked, “Hey I got free dinner and drinks and 100 bucks without doing anything and I get to keep my job.”  But what a sleezebag this guy is.  Just like we suspected.  Where do these people come from?  And why can’t they control themselves?  It is hard to believe these people still exist in the 2000s — but they do.  Bleh.  I am soooooo glad I am not a female.  And I am glad I ahve always stayed above reproach.  

My former VP turned out to be the leche we thought he was

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