My body is acting up today

My hamstring in my left leg (usually it is my right leg) is acting up this morning, and my muscles are twitching like crazy.  For example, right now my right hand is twitching like crazy, as is my left elbow.  And all I want to go is go back to sleep (I am sooooooo sleepy – not tired, but sleepy).  Am wondering if I am on the verge of a strong mini-flare that I get that last a couple of days.  Hopefully not.  Will see… The breathing problem I was having the other day (where my heart was fluttering and I had troubles breathing), did as expected go away.  With chronic illness, time is sooooo important, because you (I) need time to figure out what is normal and what might likely go away and what might not.  It reminds me of what I used to think in those first couple of years after diagnosis — I had to learn how to be the new me 🙂 In the first few years after diagnosis, it is all so new, it is very hard to discern what to fear and what to ignore for awhile. It is exhausting to worry, and to spend so much time in the doctor, so I am glad that I have learned what I can ignore… 

My body is acting up today

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