Is my head clearing?  I hope so…

For most of my life, I aced IQ tests, generally scoring in the top 1 or 2% (one of the things that I learned from working with highly gifted people though is that you can be in the top 1%, and still be waaaaayyyyyy behind someone with a Bill Gates like IQ – there is a huge difference between 1 in 100 and 1 in 1000; I was maybe the 1 or 2 in 100, but some guys I worked with were the 1 in a million and were truly humbling to be around 🙂 Plus I think I was high in some areas and really low in others, kind of a feast or famine type of thing).  In my youth, this was a bane since I was often put into various gifted programs, although I wasn’t a great student and didn’t want to be in those programs.  But since my diagnosis a couple of years ago, I actually can’t even complete IQ tests.  In fact, on a couple of at-home tests that some employers require as part of the application process (seriously??  for a sales job??), my wife had to complete them for me at the end, because I get so fatigued and struggled with some of the story problems (I used to love story problems!!!).  But the past month or two, I am seeing hope.  My head feels like it is clearing just a little bit.  Maybe my IQ, which had dropped I am sure significantly from brain fog and I think the effects of prednisone (50 MG several months, >20 mg for 5 months) and probable oxygen deprivation (I was walking around 3 years with lung disease without knowing it), is maybe beginning to climb a little again. I hope.  It is awful – truly awful — not having a clear head, not remembering what I read, and not being able to work through things with any complexity.  Heck, I would take an average IQ at this point 🙂

Is my head clearing?  I hope so…

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