Holy Cow, there is no tolerance in Seattle right now…

WHen I was a kid, it was rare when I heard a car horn in Seattle.  In fact, Seattleites were somewhat notorious for not honking.  But I honestly can’t say when the last time was that I walked two blocks without at least one driver blasting the horn at a fellow driver.  Then today, when trying to look how high the Ballard Bridge was, I came across a long series of posts where drivers and boaters are ranting at each other about when and/or if drawbridges should open, and it was pretty toxic and personal in spots.  There is zero tolerance right now for each other.  I don’t blame people, I blame how incredibly maxed out we all are right now.  We are online all the time, we are doing the work by ourselves that two people used to do, and many of us are earning no more — or even less – than we were 10 years ago while costs conintue to go up.  We are all stressed, and of course it is easy to take it out on everyone else all around us.  Wild stuff.  Sad stuff.

BTW From what I could tell, we can survive a jump from the Ballard Bridge. I was curious, because I remember back in 1991 when a car with two unfortunate teens went over the bridge and into the water below, and I always wondered if someone had jumped off the bridge into the water below to attempt to save the girls (from what I read, it wouldn’t have mattered as they likely would have died from the crash itself), would the jumpers have survived?  I think they would have… I still think about those girls several times a month when I am driving over the bridge…

Holy Cow, there is no tolerance in Seattle right now…

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