Dreamt my good friend was secretly getting married

My friend IB has been a very good friend for over 15 years.  She met and married a good guy over 5 years ago, and they have two beautiful daughters.  So it was a very strange dream last night that wife M, my family and I were staying in a nice hotel and happened to bump into my friend, who was dressed formally with a large gathering of people in what turned out to be her surprise wedding to an obnoxious man who I’ve never seen before.  

When I saw IB in the lobby of my dream, she was insisting I ride an elevator up with her, and it was to show me her wedding, which was about to start.  My parents and wife joined us up there, and the wedding commenced, but it was not a clearly defined wedding in my dream, it seemed like a bizarre type of festival or party.  I was a little offended/surprised that she hadn’t invited me and felt like an uninvited guest, and everyone was reassuring me that I (me) was to be invited the entire time, that it was meant to be a surprise.  On every level, it was a strange dream, and possibly rooted in that friend IB didn’t use wife M as her agent last year, plus my other friend T didn’t really (officially or directly) invite us to his wedding.  At any rate, it was an odd dream that in no way featured IB’s actual husband…

This is a silly thing, but one of my great badges of honor is that friend IB is an attractive Spanish woman (a coworker once said she was so attractive he took his breath away every time we had a sales meeting) who for many years was my terrific friend, and because of work we had to travel together and we had many lunches together and she even spent Christmas with our family one year, and after many years of this she told my wife indirectly that I never showed any hint of wanting to be more than friends with her or any other female coworker/friend (what she said was she always assumed I had a low sex drive šŸ™‚ ).  I love this, because I was always certifiably girl crazy and am 100% heterosexual (men are actually quite disgusting), so the fact I am so true to my wife and it is eveident to other women to the point a very close friend didn’t think I was phyically attracted to anyone made me feel very happy.  It goes back to what I always tell the kids, that other than murdering someone cheating on a spouse is probably the worst thing you can do, and just like there are a few people in this world I would truly love to whack but never will, I would never dream of even mentally cheating on my wonderful wife M šŸ™‚ ).

Dreamt my good friend was secretly getting married

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