Do most college aged boys lose their energy and drive for a few years?

Son R seems really lethargic the past year or 2.  He gets out of bed late, lays on the couch, goes to an event he likes, then returns to lay on the couch again.  Now, this was a kid who was so energetic that we spent many many hours in teacher conferences because of his in ability to sit still.  So, why did he turn 16 and literally hit a wall?

I am remembering my college friends.  My first roommate who spent 99% of his time in the room, my second roommate who spent 90% of his time sleeping or watching TV, and my friends who roomed together who spent sooooo much time on the couch in a house sooooo disgustingly dirty I couldn’t stand to go over there.  In short, college dudes drove me crazy, given their lethargy.  So maybe it’s an age thing. 

I think I was a little bit different, I think because my parents were so anxious and nervous all the time growing up that I learned to be a little anxious and restless.  Some of my mom’s family suffered from debilitating depression, so I think from a pretty early age she passed on some anxiety that her kids might be that way, and it stuck.  She woke us up early on weekends and the summers for example, and would pressure us to get up and get dressed.  Plus, my parents were always doing something, so were always racing us off somewhere when I was  young, then making a lot of noise when I was older 🙂  So I think laying around was more or less burned out of my sister and I from an early age and carried through college.

In college, I spent a lot of time exercising, even when my grades weren’t good, and usually had 1 or 2 odd jobs.  Even the year when my grades fell to Ds, I was still usually with friends most of the time (I had different sets) or was playing basketball.  When I moved into an apartment, I cleaned the bathrooms, kitchen and vacuumed fairly regularly so I don’t think I had that layer of crust (although I was rarely home when I lived at home during the summers, so my bathtub did have some serious rings on it since I was never around longer than to quickly shower).  

Any way, it has been rough on my wife, who I think worries about our son.  I do too,  But also do think it’s the age for boys.  (Note: this is my opinion, not based on any science 🙂  Also, I can’t imagine this applies to kids in the military or on athletic teams – no doubt this is drilled/disciplined out of them).

Do most college aged boys lose their energy and drive for a few years?

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