Played a couple of wonderful hours of GTA

Confession: I love Grand Theft Auto.  It is the only video game I’ve played as an adult, and liked it so much I went out and purchased a used console and a new game.  I play the open world, meaning I race Franklin around the city, making up little games for myself as I go.  Tonight I made a game of chasing taxi cabs.  It was wild — racing through the streets, ramming cars, cars exploding, pedestrians leaping out of the way, things on fire… It was hilarious…  But here is the thing:  in real life, I am almost always a gentle and non-violent person (I am even against the death penalty and refuse to watch porn since I believe it is exploiting youjng women that we should empowering rather than objectifying), but love racing my car through the streets of GTA, causing wonton destruction, laughing hysterically the entire time.  I asked my therapist about it – should I be concerned that I enjoy the game so much?  He pointed out what a kind and caring person I am, and if my outlet is a couple of hours of GTA, that is okay.  So, tonight was a fun night of blowing things up, and tomorrow I return back to my normal kind/polite self.   (Note: I am exceptionally polite, except when I am truly angry, and is something my therapist tried to tone down (i.e. to be less openly friendly and polite), but he finally gave up – it is how I am wired, and I have a hard time not being friendly and polite 🙂 ).

Played a couple of wonderful hours of GTA

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