Happiness is getting into a flow at work…

It is so important – in Business Development as much as anything — to get into a flow at work, where I become highly productive with minimimal distractions.  Part of the keys to doing this in Business Development is to get the ducks in a row — get a list of Decision Makers together, develop the message, anticipate the common questions and have collateral ready at the finger tips to send quickly if they ask before scheduling the next steps.  Today I am in a groove – I am making calls, reaching out to people, have everything at my finger tips.  It is awesome!!!

It is much harder to get into a flow with larger companies, where there is a tide of crushing emails taht arrive, where there are endless numbers of meetings and conference calls, and lots of reports.  This is especially true in Sales, where so many Sales people don’t know how to actually keep things going through email, so want to have a “quick chat” that disrupts flow.  I love email because I can let it sit until I have a moment to review it between other things, so in essence it makes it easier to have flow – not just for me, but for everyone.  QUick chats are rarely just quick chats, and they often put a barrier between what might otherwise be flow.

Happiness is getting into a flow at work…

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