Thinking of 60 Seconds Over Tokyo

As the men prepare to attack Peilelu (spelling?) in With the Old Breed, I am thinking about the movie 60 Seconds Over Tokyo, in the incredible scene where the pilot is dreaming while his leg is being amputated. He is dreaming of Christmas (I think), and outside the window in his dream his family is cutting down a tree, a symbol of his leg.  It is a powerful scene and symbol, and one of the many reasons I love movies, for their ability to develop a walloping yet subtle image.  I first watched that movie at my dad’s dad’s house with my sister and grandpa; I loved staying with my grandpa, since even before the days of VCR and on-demand television he had a knack for introducing my sister and I to old-and-wonderful black-and-white movies in general and war-films in particular.  I still remember watching Beau Geste with he and my grandma just a few short months before my grandma died – I loved that film.  

Thinking of 60 Seconds Over Tokyo

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