It can’t last, can it?

Trump is in Everett today, which at one time was dominated by Boeing. But there are rumors that Boeing will start making planes overseas. We have so many working poor, yet continue to funnel business overseas, which costs US jobs and allows a few Execs to pocket the profits at the expense of the average American. Additionally, globalization can’t be great for global warming and our food supplies (like the Ocean). So at some point, this will end. Humans will die from global warming or there will be war that shuts it all down, so that hopefully centuries from now this is seen as a short-term blip – or not remembered at all since we store all our records in cyberspace, which means a catastrophe will eradicate all these files. Anyway, I continue to feel discouraged but also encouraged that the world will survive the greed and this isn’t sustainable beyond a few generations.

It can’t last, can it?

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