Our friend Bonk

Last Fall, my wife arrived at our house with a kitten.  He was a cute little guy who’d followed her home. I recognized the kitten – I’d seen him in front of our neighbor’s house a few hours earlier.  “I think he is lost,” M said.  But he didn’t have a collar.  We took him to a 24-hour vet to see if he was microchipped — but he wasn’t.  What else could we do?  We bought him some food, a little kitty bed and some kitty litter and housed him for the night.  He was a curious little guy – he explored our house, purred up a storm while he explored our couch, and even sniffed the dogs.  Our older dog, T, went to sleep, and T2, the younger and smaller one, ran away to the other room.  We actually really liked having the little kitty… In the meantime, we posted ads on Craigslist, our neighborhood websites and so on.  I’ve never been a cat person, but even I was hoping on some level that maybe we could  keep him. But the next day his owner reached out to us.  He’d slipped out the door ujnexpectedly when she’d removed his collar for a few moments. She was ecstatic he was safe.  So our friend Bonk was gone, just like that.  But I still think of him from time to time, like right now when Johnnie in Night Of rescued a cat.  

Our friend Bonk

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