TV and the first Televised Baseball Game

Today is the 77th Anniversary of the first televised baseball game (1939 -much earlier than I realized!!). This got me curious as to when TV was invented. Like most inventions, TV was developed in a series of steps by different people, but Philo Taylor Farnsworth’s transmission in September 1927 is considered the first TV transmission. Within a year, television stations were popping up (including the CBS and BBC), 1938 the first TVs were sold to the public,1941 saw the first TV ad and 1946 began regularly scheduled programming.

I always remember my grandparents subscribing to TV guide, and I can still see it sitting beneath their lamp on the end table with a pair of reading glasses sitting on it. Also, we always subscribed to The Seattle Times, but my dad’s parents got the Seattle PI, which had different comic strips (including a few of my favorites) so I would always scramble to their newspaper bin while the adults talked.

Side note: 1927 was also the year Babe Ruth hit 60 HR, and the year our house here in Seattle was built.

TV and the first Televised Baseball Game

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