Our Dog Toilet is a “stuffy” graveyard

When we got our dog T, wife M was wise enough to carve out a small area of our backyard and mark that as his toilet, so only a small portion of our yard is soiled with dog waste at any given time (I pick it up 1-3x per day to keep it reasonably clean, although I can’t imagine what it would look like under a blue light).  But today it dawned on me that in addition to being a toilet, that this area is a stuffy graveyard…  What happens is we buy the dogs a stuffed toy, they play with it for a day or two, then carry it out with them to use the bathroom.  T, of course, plops his toy down next to his toilet, then promptly forgets about it when he trots back to the house, so over time the stuffy gets soaked with rain and (even worse) dog urine.   Initially, we are diligent about T dropping the toy before going to the back yard, but eventually someone forgets (or one of the kids lets him out  unattended), and the process repeats itself.  Over the past few months, 4 or 5 of these stuffies have accumulated in his area, so that today it looks like a graveyard of broken down and discarded dog toys.  At one time, I collected them, washed them on “sanitary” setting, and returned them to the dogs, but in addition to my feeling guilty about the waste of clean water to do this, I’ve discovered this is fruitless – within a day or two, all the stuffies have gathered once again in Dog T’s toilet.  

Our Dog Toilet is a “stuffy” graveyard

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