It is a challenge to not remember what I read but on the plus side I am always getting to experience something anew :)

For most of my life, I was a *very* slow and highly-selective reader, but remembered everything I did read.  I not only remembered nearly everything I read, but often could recall the page and location on the page of where I read something, plus the date and where I was when I read it. But there were two keys:

  • I had to be interested in what I was reading.  Luckily I was interested in many things, such as history, science, literature and human interest stories.  But I wasn’t interested in anything technical or mechanical, biology, or my teachers’ odd obsession with Hinduism (it seemed like every year we studied Hinduism).  Ironically, because I was a slow reader, I often did not read what I was assigned in school, but rather flipped around to read what I was interested in.  For example, the class might be studying about President Taft but I would see a piece about Abraham Lincoln, so would read the Lincoln piece instead).  
  • It coudn’t be read to me.  For whatever reason, I have a hard time comprehending something that someone reads to me unless they are a professional or trained reader.  Story hour for me has always been hell. πŸ™‚

I always loved reading comprehension tests – I was always the last person to finish but generally scored in the top percentile.  I didn’t really have to try — it just happened. But…

Since coming off prednisone I am struggling to remember what I read, most astoundingly numbers and years, which I was especially good at before.  I really have to work at it, and have to keep reminding myself of what I read.  Honestly, it makes it challenging, and dips into how much I can learn, since I am always having to review what I re-read.  Is this what it is like for the average student?  If so, no wonder so many kids hate school πŸ™‚

But I refuse to give up – one thing for sure is if I stop reading, it won’t get better — plus in some ways it is nice to keep reading about a topic I am interested in and always learning something new when doing so πŸ™‚ 

It is a challenge to not remember what I read but on the plus side I am always getting to experience something anew :)

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