Don’t get the point of a motorcycle given todays’s laws

Yesterday was a hot day by Seattle standards – 90 degrees and brightly sunny.  And I saw a motorcycle go by our house where the rider was doing everything right for safety – he had one of those ultra thick motorcycle outfits on, gloves, and a helmet with a dark visor.  But I have to ask myself – what is the point?  

When I rode on my cousin’s motorcycle, I loved the feeling of the wind in my hair, the sun on my face.  But when you are doing everything right and wear the protective gear, all those benefits are gone.  Plus between my house and the city there are limited carpool lanes and the road is one big parking lot because of heavy traffic, so there is no carpool benefit to riding the motorcycle. And the gas benefit? Our Prius gets 55MPH to the gallon, so I can’t imagine the trade-off to a motorcycle would be that astronomical. Seems like with motorcycles in Seattle today, you have none of the fun but all the risk. 

I’d love to see the movie Easy Rider filmed in 2000s Seattle.  I could see the one-word review now: “Snoozer.”A rebel wrapped in a thick outfit and a dark-visored helmet while sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic hardly seems that romantic or rebellious 🙂 

Don’t get the point of a motorcycle given todays’s laws

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