Good riddance Morning Syncs/Huddle

I was trainined in Enterprise Software Sales then later true Strategic Consulting Sales.  So it was a bit of a surprise when I first joined a Services/Staffing company and they met every morning over a “Huddle” or “Sync” to discuss opportunities.  After five years of doing it, I can say it was a complete waste of time.  

Why?  Rarely do things change in 24 hours, and when they do the last thing someone should do is wait until the next morning’s meeting to update key players in that opportunity.  Additionally, it forces an unnatural stop to your flow to go in and sit and participate in the sync, 99% of which is listening to other people’s opportunities or excuses that have nothing to do with my growing my own revenue/business.  So in essence the meetings become a dysfunctional mess lorded over by a senior manager.  

The first company I worked at that did these, I didn’t realize they were an industry norm, and at first I told them bluntly they were not an effective use of time, then when they continued I just stopped going.  It was the next company that I realized this was an industry norm, meaning there were a number of VPs who were trained that Morning Huddles were critical, and because they’d never been in another industry to see what a waste of time these were, they insisted that they were held.  But the worst part though, is when a random VP would come into town, and with no other notice or introduction, they’d want to sit and observe the morning huddle and make assumptions about the team based on a 15-minute meeting.  Barf.  I built a highly successful consulting business – without having a single daily sync.  They just aren’t needed as long as a team is functional, committed and working together.

So it is a wonderful situation right now where I am in a place where I don’t have to be a part of morning syncs, and am not working for people who are doing things a certain way because they don’t konw any better and because “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

Life is good right now!

Good riddance Morning Syncs/Huddle

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