Daughter L started senior year today

Just last week we dropped L at her first day of kindergarten. Two weeks ago she was painting herself (literally putting paint on herself with a brush) in preschool. But today she starts her senior year of high school. She is 18 going on 40, and I adore that “little girl.”

My own senior year started with a teacher strike that lasted until October 1, and that combined with a freak snow storm cancelled spring break and ensured we went to school on Christmas Eve. But I didn’t mind – I liked my school and the people in it. My senior year also had no football team – we didn’t have enough kids who were eligible with a 2.0 GPA. Needless to say, I went to a bit of a tough high school, but again, I liked everyone there.

August my senior year saw the explosion of Back To the Future (the original) and Aha’s Take On Me was climbing the charts. Meanwhile, the first President Bush (VP at the time) and stoolie Ollie North were illegally shipping arms (which came out a year later). Bit the big news event my senior year was the Space Shuttle explosion and Chernobyl.

Daughter L started senior year today

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