I stepped on Henry VIII’s grave

Thinking about my awful ex-boss, and how he ran his organization like the sociopathic Henry VIII might have, reminded me of the time in 2011 when we visited Windsor Castle, and stood over the plaque marking Henry VIII’s tomb.  I despise people like Henry VIII (or most Fortune 500 CxOs), people who are given power and use that power to destroy people and extract money for themselves, so when we stood at his grave I quietly called him an SOB and stepped symbolically on his grave like I was wiping dog poop off my shoe.  Ridiculosly immature, especially for a 40-something?  Absolutely!!  Would I ever admit doing this other than privately on my public blog (:))?  No way.  Will it make any difference?  Not one bit.  But it was fun and it felt great!  Of course, although I was already getting sick (had symptoms), I was diagnosed with lung disease 3 months later and my life has neve been the same, so perhaps he had the last laugh after all.  Oh, well.  I tried. 🙂 

I stepped on Henry VIII’s grave

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