Watched The Water Horse movie

Inspired by our trip to Scotland, we wanted to watch a Scottish film.  Our tour guide in Loch Ness suggested The Water Horse as a good film that captures the essence of Nessie, also known as The Loch Ness Monster, so we watched it today on Netflix.  

Scotland is gorgeous, and the movie captures the beauty very well. It was probably a good film, but it is a PG family film, and in all honesty after raising two chldren and spending a decade watching (and enjoying) pretty only family films, I am temporarily done with family films.  Some day, I am sure, I will enjoy family films again, especially if we have grandchildren.  But for now I can’t imagine that a children’s film set in 1942 captures the essence of The Loch Ness monster.

That said, the movie was cute.  An old Scottish gentleman revels two young travelers with a tale of a boy discovering a shell, which happens to be an egg for a Loch Ness monster.  The boy raises the monster in the manor his mom works in while a comical Scottish outfit prepares for World War 2. The movie ends, of course, with the boy setting an adult Nessie free (after Nessie saves him from drowning), and we learn (surprise!) the old gentleman is in fact the boy in the story. 🙂

What would be kind of fun is a true horror film slash dark comedy involving Nessie.  There is a ruined castle next to Loch Ness, perhaps make it a medieval set film involving a seige and a monster that is spooking and consuming the armies.  Perhaps it is a Krampus or Army of Darkness type film, where the lake is gorgeious, but then the invading army besieges the castle and this misery awakens Nessie.  If we wanted to have a lot of fun this also could draw in the Sasquatch and a band of goblins in Nessie’s wake, and turns it into a dark comedy.  So the men in and around the keep are picked off by land by the goblins and hairy beast, and by sea by Nessie, until finally the armies must unite in the very castle they were fighting over to try and save themselves from the horrors surrounding them.  Just a thought…

Watched The Water Horse movie

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