Gave Banks Mansion (Amsterdam) a good review

I liked this hotel.   Everyone who worked there was friendly and helpful, the room was clean (very important) and it was (very important for me) centrally located.  Also, the free breakfast was suprisingly good, they had an espresso machine in the lobby, Wife M originally wanted a small and historic hotel, which I like too, but I’d stay at Banks Mansion again without hesitation, especially since we tend to spend very little time in our room other than sleep (we like to explore versus spending extra time in the hotel).    

A quick note about Free Breakfasts.  I rarely — if ever — do free breakfasts in the US, since I don’t consider foods loaded with chemicals and high fructose syrup (AKA Fructose) “free,” given the toll these take on long-term health and the body.  But so often in Europe these types of chemicals are banned, which means I can eat the breakfast without worry of poisoning myself.  

I was worried and concerned when I heard Amsterdam embraces GMO foods, since they are starting to suspect GMO foods are damaging to the body (one theory links the increase in autoimmune diseaes to GMO), and I hope that changes in the future.

Gave Banks Mansion (Amsterdam) a good review

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