Dreamt is was my birthday, attended a huge party, was joy riding in a retired police car…

Dreamt that it was my birthday and wife M threw a large party for me.  The party was on a huge field with a grassy beach below (not unlike the Scottish and Irish countrysides we were just at), and I was late coming home from work so wife M had turned it into a pseudo surprise party.  There were a lot of people there, including Mike B from my dad’s 1980s softball team, my long-deceased grandma and my deceased aunt (people were both commenting how attractive they were, saying that must be where I got my good looks), and my college friend Jeff H.  It was a very crowded party, but the field in front of our house and the beach below were so big it didn’t feel overly crowded.

Now the dream veered – my police friend B wanted to take me for a ride in a “retired” squad car so we drove along Broadway in Seattle.  We were chatting when a real police car passed us going the other way, so B quickly veered into a parking space, but that quick action caught the attention of the police, who pulled in behind us.  B was alarmed (and I felt guilty he was going to be in trouble) so he leapt out and tried to radio the squad car behind him to try to talk his way out of trouble as a professional courtesy.  But they weren’t responding as he radio’d them, so in frustration he instructed me to stay put and walked back to the police car.

As I waited for him, a metro bus slammed into our car and intentionally rammed us forward.  I realized we were in a bus stop zones, so let the bus continue to push me forward while I scooted to the driver’s set and braked the car passed the zone. As the bus passed, the driver and I exchanged profanities, and I stepped out of the car to call metro to complain about him as I wandered down Broadway.  But the line that answered was a restaurant, and the staff there was also rude to me, so I crossed the street, walked into that restaurant (so conveniently located across the street), and exchanged a few more profanities with the staff (the restaurant was closed in preparation for dinner) before telling them it was my birthday, which cooled them off a little bit.

Finally, I used their restroom, marched out into the street, and walked along a back street behind Broadway that doesn’t actually exist in an attempt to try to relocate the police car.  Here, the dream ended…

I get why Jeff H and even B was in the dream, but why people who I have not seen in so many years?  Interestingly, I barely had a chance to speak to my grandma, who I loved dearly and who died in 1980 – if she were at my birthday party I’d make a special attempt to talk to her. I think friend B was in my dream because he called me recently to see if I was going to our high school reunion.  Europe had a vivid influence on my dream – the fields near our house were like the Scottish and Irish countrysides, and the back alley behind Broadway was like so many small lanes crisscrossing the cities of Europe.


Dreamt is was my birthday, attended a huge party, was joy riding in a retired police car…

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