Strange Dreams last two nights

Two nights ago, I dreamed my company was moving offices, and I showed up late on the day we were moving and had not yet packed, so everyone was waiting for me and our owner was upset with me although I tried to explain I was not aware that we were actually moving and that I needed to pack up.

Then last night I had a very strange and fast moving dream.  I was part of Sopranos, but Tony Soprano was killing all his family and friends in rapid succession and I was frightened of him.  Then the dream changed quickly to where I was wanted for murder and my parents’ long-time friends (N and M) were trying to rat me out, then M himself was a detective trying to capture me and I was on the verge of being captured when my dream ended.

I think the first dream was the insecurity I feel about taking a vacation just a few months after starting (although I’d cleared the vacation before accepting the job and they have been supportive).  I don’t know what yesterday’s dream was all about – it was just odd.

Strange Dreams last two nights

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