People I met the last few days

A woman is from Croatia, and needs the sun and heat (we’ve been cloudy and cool).  Another woman is from Panama City.  A retired CPA from New Jersey is proud of his son, who runs a warehouse for Amazon. A couple from Sacramento California has a 1 year old granddaughter in Florida, and love to visit Lake Tahoe; they took a 21-day cruise, which was too long although they liked there were washing machines on the boat (most boats don’t have laundry machines, which is a challenge 🙂 ).  A woman from Dominica recently lost her fiance to liver failure, and her two children (13,8) stay with their grandparents so she can work and send money home.  Our waiter is from the Phillipines, and has four young children at home.  Christopher, an attendant, remembered my t-shirt from the previous day and called out to me, later I saw him talking at length with two attractive women.   

People I met the last few days

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