Edinburgh Scotland Calton Hill

Centuries ago, Calton Hill in Edinburgh was the site of public hangings, but in the 18th century it was turned into a park.  It sits right in the city, just past South Bridge, and was formed by volcanic activity 100s of millions of years ago and shaped by glaciers before old town was built in its shadow.  At sunset, the park is filled with site seers, who come to watch the sun set over the medevial city below.  We saw dozens of serious photographers, scores of selfie-takers, and more than a few people who arrived with a six-pack of beer, which they consumed fairly quickly while resting on the grass and watching the city below.  Just past sunset, Edinburgh Castle — on an opposite hill — lit up as Tattoo commenced.  Wife M learned that after nightfall, after the sunset watchers have departed, the park is not necessarily a great place to be.  But for the time we sat on the hill, we loved watching the city below. 



Edinburgh Scotland Calton Hill

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