Brief History of Port St. Peter, Channel Island

The Channel Islands were formed 6,000 BCE as the ocean levels rose.  Initially it was just farmers, and there was an ancient trading post at one time, but Europeans fleeing Roman armies ended here, as well.  In 10th Century (938) monks from St. Michel established a priory.  In the 1204, King John lost Normandy, and for the next few centuries the place was at the mercy of pirates.  The area profited in the wars between France, England and Spain, both due to trade and privateering.  In the 19th century its granite was prizd, but the 20 Victor Hugo (Les Msierables, Hunchback of Notre Dame) from here.  

Update: A larger island than I expected…  Arrived at a quaint historic old town that reminded me of some of the Carribean island towns, but was a mixture of medevial and rennasiance.  In the back countryside, reminded me of Normandy countryside, and in fact has been heavily influenced by French over the years. The area is famous for its cows (who knew?) and in modern times is driven by finance, since it has lower tax rates than Britain.  Population of entire island over 60,000.  There are left over forts from World War II and Napoleonic Wars.  


Brief History of Port St. Peter, Channel Island

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