A Day in Dublin

Spent today in Dublin.  It was gloomy with a light to moderate rain all day, which we are told is quite normal for Ireland.  But I loved the city.  It was a mixture of Medevial and cosmopolitan.  It was conquered by Vikings in the 9th century, but taken over by the Normans, who helped establish the city.  We saw St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which is 350 majestical feet long, Dublin Castle, the black spot where the Vikings landed (which was at the time a river, which is now underground), and Trinity College, which was founded nearly 500 years ago and is the oldest college in Ireland.  What I love about the city, is to me it had the feeling of a smaller and more quaint London, with its gray stone buildings mixed in with Victorian era buildings, new buildings and narrow streets.  While family shopped, I found a small cafe where I sat and had a double espresso (I might be crazy, but I feel like I am better treated once it is discovered I am American yet order an espresso without all the fluffy milk and flavorings šŸ™‚ ).  

We had a crazy tour guide.  She was fine for the first half, but I think fell behind and raced our group through the streets of Dublin, not looking back and not waiting for people.  A few times we were given the choice of dodging traffic to keep up with her or risk losing her in a foreign city; she rarely stopped to count the group or wait for stragglers, despite the fact my sister is pregnant. Honestly, it was quite stressful and more than a little dangerous.  


A Day in Dublin

3 thoughts on “A Day in Dublin

  1. And clearly, your guide wasn’t terribly well informed, either. The city, where it stands is a Viking city, established by Norsemen on the site of an older native settlement, in the Fishamble St/Wood Quay area, now occupied by the grotesque Dublin City Offices. The city you see today, at least what remains of it, is Georgian in style, coinciding with the 18th century age of commercial prosperity in the city, under Grattan’s Parliament and before the Act of Union, 1801. Also, anyone who would serve an espresso with fluffy milk and flavorings, no matter where you are, deserves to drink the offending liquid themselves.


    1. Thank you, Dermott! I appreciate this information, and will check the link below. And I agree on the espresso – it isn’t really espresso if it is tainted with all the other stuff šŸ™‚ One of my favorite things about ordering a small drink is it forces me to slow down and savor it so it will last laonger; it is the same reason I don’t order mixed drinks.

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