Ode to the BananaHammock 

I’ve always been wise enough to let my wife shop for me.  Why?  Because she likes to shop, and she has *much* better taste than I do.  Plus, if I look like a slob, it unfairly reflects on her (unfair, but somewhat true).  And I often receive compliments on my outfits.  But I recently made the mistake of trying to purchase my own underwear, and since my wife teased my “tighty whities” when we first met, and purchases decent underwear for me, I tried to buy something she might find unacceptable.  Turns out, they are distinctly not sexy underwear, something that are known as “banana hammocks.”  In the week since I purchased (and returned) them, my wife and daughter have had many moments of glee reflecting back on my ridiculous underwear choice.  Now, anytime I do something silly (which is about 2-3 times a day, it is a “Banana Hammock” move.  When I said something I wasn’t supposed to to my daughter, it was a “Banana Hammock.”  WHen I fell down the stairs, it was a “banana hammock.”  And when I forgot my credit card at our previous store, my wife and daughter exchanged a look and pronounced it a “banana hammock” move.  Am I offended?  Nope!  I am smart enough to know my wife should make my purchases for me, and I love that they are having a few moments of genuine laughter from an inside joke.  It is worth a few chuckles at my expense 🙂

Ode to the BananaHammock 

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