Dreamed that I was unintentionally offending neighbor and later I went to a strange theme park

In my dream last night, for some reason I went down to see our neighbor M or perhaps I just bumped into her while outside.  She had family and friends with her, and I tried to make chitchat, but felt like I was saying the wrong things (unintentionally) that were potentially offensive, basically like those times when you say something and it comes out all wrong. I was with them for a little awhile, and suspected I was supposed to know who some of her family was, but didn’t remember and had to fake it.  I finally left, and fretted about it to wife M, who was busy prepping for something and briefly indicated I was probably just being paranoid.

The dream moved around, until I ended up at a theme park that I think was once a golf course.  It was a simple park, not unlike Knotts Berry Farm, which I remember as being slightly more spartan than say a Disneyland…  We were taking a final ride for the day, and there were a line of people waiting, and I was worried that some people were cutting (like when people are waiting for the bus and it always seems like it is the last people to arrive who simply walk by everyone to get on the but first as he bus arrives).  But it turned out that the train was half empty. I was with wife M and the kids but the kids were younger (school age), but then some moments my parents were also there.  I ended up sitting down next to a man who I thought was my dad but turned out to be a stranger, so I rose and moved over to sit next next to my dad and son.  I asked dad where wife M and daughter L were, and my dad said not to worry, they decided to go a little farther back on the train, and I felt a little offended that M hadn’t worked harder to sit next to me but at the same time I ralized it wasn’t that big of a deal.

The dreams weren’t quite as of a dark lighting as I’ve had – the light was more murky and muted, like on an overcast day, as opposed to the twilight I usually have.

Dreamed that I was unintentionally offending neighbor and later I went to a strange theme park

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