A lot of sirens and a helicopter at 4 AM

Last night, there must have been a dozen sirens that passed by over a 15 minute period, and at one point I heard a helicopter.  I always wonder what is happening in the few times a year I hear so many sirens at night, but it seems like it is maybe 1 in 20 times that it ever makes the news.  One time perhaps 15 years ago, there were like 20 sirens that pulled up 5 blocks away and a helicopter circled overhead, then two.  A few of us neighbors wandered out – what was happening?  Should we be locking our doors?  None of us knew.  We searched the internet, the TV, etc. – nothing.  After a little bit, the helicopters went away and everything was over.  We never heard anything about it again.  Crazy.   Thinking about this pulls up two other memories:

I love It’s A Disaster, where all the self-absorbed couples are completely oblivious to the million sirens outside their door.  I thought that was a funny movie, although Wife M and Daughter L didn’t think it was as funny as I did.

And I remember my classmate was severely burned by a housefire.  When my grandma heard the news of his accident she mentioned hearing all the sirens in the night.  Sometimes when I hear more than a few sirens at night, I remember that, and I think of my classmate, who died few weeks later from his injuries. And at those moments, I hope that everyone is okay.

A lot of sirens and a helicopter at 4 AM

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