Got a mani/pedi today – I love getting mani and pedis

Got a mani and pedi today with Wife M and Daughter L today, and the first thing I’m doing when I get home is taking my shoes and socks off and revel in my clean feet.  My male friends have teased me at times about my mani/pedis, but I honestly don’t care what they think – I am comfortable enough in my masculinity and sexuality (and attractiveness) that I don’t need to explain myself to any men whatsoever, especially when it comes to pedicures 🙂   I truly love getting manis and pedis on several levels: it is nice to have clean nails, it feels great to walk around with scrubbed feet, it looks nice, my wife appreciates it and it is almost as relaxing as a massage.  I plop myself in a big leather chair, they give me a warm pillow and a cup of tea, I turn on the back massager, and they massage my shoulders and legs when they are done.  Pretty damn awesome.  It too my wife a few years to convince me to get a mani/pedi, and since my first one (Memorial Day weekend 2007) I’ve never looked back – to me, getting a mani and pedi is like a haircut, it’s something that you do every few weeks as part of staying groomed and looking nice.

Got a mani/pedi today – I love getting mani and pedis

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