Didn’t know that Henry VII’s defeat of Richard III was part of the War of the Roses

I have known for awhile that Henry VII was the last English king to win his throne on the battlefield, and that he defeated RIchard III, who was buried in an unmarked grave in a church that eventually became a parking lot.  I knew that it is suspected Richard III poisoned his two nephews in The Tower of London to protect his throne, and that Henry Tudor used these and other situations to renew a claim on the throne and march against RIchard.  But I didn’t know that all this was part of The War of the Roses, which was a long series of wars over the throne of England.  

Henry VII sailed from France with a small contingent of men, raised a small army along the way on this march towards London, and was encountered by Richard.  It is likely that 100s of men were killed in the ensuing battle, including Richard himself.  To think that some poor bastards gave their lives, and Henry VIII would end up being born into the throne they helped die for, is a waste of a life in my mind.

What a period these past 1000 years have been, when people in power in major countires rarely have to go to war themselves to win that power, which would be fine except how many commoners have died along the way to gain or protect the ruler’s power?  I honestly can’t see a situation ever where I will personally put my life on the line for the specific purpose of putting another human being in power unlesss that person is fighting right beside me 🙂  I honestly think I would only fight for a true democracy, not this crazy Republic or monarch stuff where corruption can rule the day…

Didn’t know that Henry VII’s defeat of Richard III was part of the War of the Roses

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