Almost a year…

Almost a year since I separated from Mahfuz, the craziest son of a bitch boss/owner I will hopefully ever work with. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was the reincarnation of Henry VIII, the sociopathic king who beheaded 1000s of unfortunate souls. What is funny, is it seems like a lifetime ago, like a bad dream. I am grateful for that. I still remember my first morning post working for him – it was a huge feeling of relief and I was in the best mood… If I am ever given a terminal diagnosis, I might show up in his parking garage one night to prevent him from ruining anyone else’s financial lives, as he has a loooonnnnnggggg history of firing people then lying to the next person in line. I never could figure out how in America we throw someone in prison for stealing a car but tolerate the Neutron Jack Welch CEOs who fire people willy-nilly for their personal benefit. But then again, many of these guys are nut jobs, and I don’t think it is easy being them either, since everyone around them despises them.

Almost a year…

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