Grateful for the restaurant manager who asked the seat stealers to move :)

It was such a beautfiul evening last night.  A clear, warm, mid-summer Thursday evening that draws just about nearly every soul in Seattle out into the restaurants, parks, etc.  So, of course, one of our favorite local Mexican food restaurants was packed, especially the outdoor seating area.  So I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed our name was next on the sign up sheet and a table opened up – the wait was nearly over!  

But a family of 2 late middle-aged adults and a nearly grown daughter who were standing near the door (I watched them arrive just a few minutes earlier) grabbed the open seat before the host could seat us.  I watched as the mom first took the seat, then the dad looked at her, looked at the sign in sheet, looked at me watching him, looked at the sign in sheet, looked at me again, looked at his wife, then sat next to his wife.  Their daughter went over, told the mom their was a sign in sheet, walked over and signed her name, walked back to her mom, said she thought they needed to wait to be seated, looked at me, then relunctantly sat down.  I had been smiling in anticipation, now I was annoyed, especially when I saw the server walk over to start taking their order.  

As the host walked by I said, “Hey, those people just sat down, is there a long wait for the next table?”  He looked at them, grabbed the sign in sheet, then marched over and lectured them about the process.  “There are people waiting for these seats,” I overheard him say. He moved them off, came and got me, and seated me at the table.  “I don’t mind waiting if it will only be a minute or two,” I said.  “It has been a busy night,” the host said, “and I’d take the seat while it’s here.”  

Later, as I walked by him, I thanked him again.  It seems that these days, when companies hire and fire people without consequence and repress wages, it is rare to find someone who cares enough to do something like that.  It seems taht today, so many managers would have said, “Look, what do you want me to do about it,” to avoid a confrontation.  And honestly, since coming off prednisone I am pretty unpredictable – I was as equally as likely to march over there and tell those people off as I was to have shrugged it off, smiled and enjoyed the peaceful evening.  A few weeks ago, for example, when that lady was rude to me on the bus I was going to let it go then changed my mind a moment later and marched over and lecutred her about not “barking” at me. 

Of course, the people to blame are the husband and wife who thought it okay to bypass common courtesy and take what was there, to put another person in the position of having to police them – much better is when people are able to police themselves, and when people don’t it undermines the fabric of society and becomes a free-for-all.  The free-for-all mentality and the inability of some people to police themselves is exactly why the US is such a mess today.  But that said, I am grateful for the gentleman who stood up for us.  And we had a lovely meal on a lovely evening.  

All is well that ends well!!  


Grateful for the restaurant manager who asked the seat stealers to move :)

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