Son R got his first job!

Son R was highly involved in various after-school clubs, including Choir and Drama and Band, which took up a lot of his time. In fact, he still volunteers, helping the school band during all the summer parades and has talked about being a Drama teacher.  So he hasn’t had a lot of time — or been highly motivated — to find a job until now, when we’ve ended his spending money from our budget (he always has a place to live, food in the fridge and his car, but spending money and future cars comes on his own dime, so to speak).  Yesterday he landed his first job – an exciting day!  

I remember my first “real” job, not including paper routes. I washed ice cream trucks, and was paid per truck, making about 13 dollars an hour (in 1984) for a few hours worth of work every week.  I felt rich, and one of the first times I ever cashed a paycheck was the same Friday that Doug Flutie threw the miracle hail Mary pass, which my friend and I watched live (we watched most of the game, and it was one of the most incredible games I’ve ever seen, a back and forth game between Bernie Kosar and Doug Flutie’s offenses).  Of course, being a crazy kid, I eventually traded in my 13/hr job for a 3.35/hr job where I worked more hours for less pay just so I could work with my friends.  Go figure (I wouldn’t make that choice now that I have a family).

Note: If you took my 3.35/hr job and compared to rents, car payments, groceries etc. — today it would be equivalent to over 20/hr.  Minimum wage has not kept up with the times at all.

Son R got his first job!

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