Research on our few days in Dublin

Later this year, we are heading to Dublin to visit.  Some of our ancestors hail from Ireland, so I am looking forward to the trip.  Here is my research on the history – I don’t dare to to think anyone reads my posts, but if anyone has anything interesting they know about Dublin, I’m all ears…

Dublin (Ireland)

It is Ireland’s capital and largest city.  It was first settled in pre-historic days but the known allusion to it in writing is in 140 AD.  It originally was a pair of Settlements, and was a Viking settlement starting in 841, although the Irish government officially recognizes Dublin’s founding date as 988 AD.

It remained a Viking settlement until a Norman invasion in 1169 and in the midst of a few years of political turmoil.  Finally, King Henry II invaded it in 1171 and dubbed himself King of Ireland.  Dublin Castle was built in 1204 by King John, and it flourished with trade before Robert I (of Scotland fame), invaded it in 1317 as part of his efforts to free Ireland from England while opening  a second front in his wars with England.

In the 16th Century, Ireland was taken over by the Tudor Dynasty in England, and Dublin became the administrative center for England in Ireland.  Dublin prospered in the 18th century, and most of the area’s historical architecture comes from this time, and Guinness Brewerey (which would be Dublin’s largest employer for most of its existence) was founded in 1759.

Dublin was part of the Irish fight for independence, and sustained a lot of damage during this fight.

Note: Much of this research was condensed from Wikipedia, with a few tidbits clarified and/or added from additional Google Searches.  I will add to this from other sources as a I learn more…

Research on our few days in Dublin

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