Dream we were leaving son R at home during a trip

We were going somewhere — on a trip — but R didn’t want to go, so we were leaving him, and wife M and I were helping him with final arrangements and I was very nervous for him.  In my dream, he was probably 13 or 14.  Of course, the dream was related to our trip later this year where he is staying behind – he is pretty much an adult and it won’t be the first time and he is 100% capable and he specifically does not want to go (what college age kid wants to spend 2 weeks with their parents?), but I am none-the-less slightly nervous on his behalf šŸ™‚  I love having nearly grown kids but also do miss when they were younger, those bundle-of-energy school age kids who wore me out all the time — it’s not that I want my kids to be young again (I love who they are now), but I miss those young kids I spent so much time with who basically don’t exist anymore šŸ™‚  I think I am mourning those times some times, although I also wouldn’t trade in my times now.  Darn it, I want all those times šŸ™‚ 

The dream changed a little at that point.  Before we left, my friend and our friend E were there and they were going on a (platonic) trip together.  In life, I don’t even know that they know each other, and both are in partnerships (one is married, the other in a long-term commitment), and I would not picture them together in a million years, but in the dream I — and I think my friend T — were hoping they would bond and it would turn into a romantic trip.  I was giving him some advice on what kind of music (rock music — WTH?) he should play for her.  I think it is interesting I put them together in my dream – they are night and day and nothing alike, although both of them at some point has disappointed me on one level or another although both are good people.

Later, the dream morphed into a long drive that was almost like a computer game or something out of Tron, where we were driving south to Tuscon in a kind of digital setting.  When we got to Tuscon, it was the ocean (of course – always some weird twist in a dream) and we were actually attending some kind of seminar or conference, except the person who was supposed to be leading it was an old man and had submerged himself in the ocean (which reminded me of Hawaii’s ocean – clear and white sands) for a very long time. “Shouldn’t we pull him up?” I asked my wife but she commented he obviously knew what he was doing.  My alarm went off about here…

My dreams of late have had a dusk-like feel to them, and today was slightly brighter — not like real life, but not so dark either except for a stretch in the beginning.  Wife M thinks I am having these dreams because I am having troubles with my vision in general, and seeing dark things in particular.

Dream we were leaving son R at home during a trip

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