A lunchtime walk in the suburbs…

I love lunch time walks.  It gets me out of the office, gives my mind a break and gets my blood pumping.  But I don’t like walking in the suburbs, where so many offices are located.  There are few choices of roads, and usually at some point there is a stretch of road with no sidewalks and quite a few cars.  The streets are usually stip malls with lots of traffic, or wooded streets with one road in, one road out, and row after row of 20 year old houses with prominent garages (who thought of making a garage the primary focus of the front of the house, anyway?  What happened to the days of tucking garages below or in the back?). In short, the walks in the suburbs are — for me — boring and slightly dangerous…  I love the city. I love walking along a grid, where I can turn right or left at the end of any street, where there are shops and people and tall buildings and brick buildings and old buildings mixed in with new buildings.  It is interesting, vibrant and offers different routes. And if I walk too far?  I just hop a bus back — piece of cake.  I am a city boy at heart, one who loves to live in the city and take trips out into the country — not the other way around — and would be more than happy to skip the suburbs all together.  

A lunchtime walk in the suburbs…

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