Strong but not especially clear dreams last night.

Had an especially active dream last night, where the peoplel and atmosphere and storyline were constantly changing.  Like previoius recent dreams, it was filtered, dark light like a gray twilight much of the dream.  I took a sleeping pill, which may explain the rapid changes.

The main part of the dream, we were with my dad’s family, I believe it was suppoed to be Christmas although that wasn’t a strong part of the dream.  Mom and dad were there, and Chris from a few jobs ago with his wife (which is funny because I never met his wife), and a cousin who I knew in the dream but actually was a complete fabrication by my dream, and quite a few other people who I think were supposed to be family members but I don’t recognize and think they were much like “extras.”  The extras reminded me of the hillbilly nieces of my Uncle J (by marriage) growing up, quiet and judgemental kids I never really got along with (in fact, punched one of them in the stomach when I was 13 she said something obnoxious to me).

 This cousin had brought a girlfriend, and they were arguing the entire time, and a few family members in particular were insisting on some kind of group vote (one group for the men, and one for the women), and as the dream evolved it was clear to me that this cousin was the son of my Aunt S and the cousin had evolved from originally being a tween to an adult.  The group finally agreed that we should have a talk to them, and at some point the women decided it was his fault and the boys were leaning more towards telling him to get his act together and keep his arguments private, but they were actually going to counsel him to break up.  I knew this by bits and pieces, since I’d originally missed the meeting; on the way out of the meeting, Chris asked what the result was, and I said we were going to talk to my cousin, and Chris – who was disgusted by my cousin’s fighting at the party — all but said he wished he could do it (“let me know if you want me to talk to him”).  At this point, it was snowing, and everyone was heading down dock stairs to the water, which bordered the house and ran all along the house with one bend, because my friend T was going swimming into the water.

The dream also had a segment — in fact originated — where Mary’s family was at the gathering, especially her uncle J and Aunt P and their (grown now) kids.  And my parents at one point were featured as well, including a point where we were leaving and dad wanted to make sure we’d packed up the house okay and that everything was in the car.  As we were leaving, mom was concerned about something and we kept getting in and out of the car to go back to the house, and dad was trying to navigate the snowstorm, and at one point mom was driving and went off a tall cliff on purpose to save time (much like you can in GTA).  

THe dreams are almost hard to write about right now, just because they kept changing so rapidly it is difficult to make sense of what was happening.  I can honestly say there doesn’t seem to be a point to the dreams, nothing that touched on an underlying segment other than outside my parents and later my cousin C, I never really knew my dad’s family very well.  I saw them once per year at Xmas after my grandma died, so they were a little like strangers to me and I truly dreaded seeing my uncle-by-marriage’s hillbilly family, from the FID-inflicted mom to the obnoxious daughters.  

Strong but not especially clear dreams last night.

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