The Day I wanted to wear a tux to the office…

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see I was going to be layed off that day.  They had a duplicate person in my role, companies numbers were shriveling, and although my team posted some of the best numbers in the company that quarter, lay-off choices aren’t based on numbers and the other guy was a better cultural fit than me for the company (not my team, but for the company, which was making the decision). So when the VP said he was flying up that morning, I knew what it was for…

I’ve never understood people who go down without a fight when there is literally nothing to lose and other people get all the gains. In Paths of Glory, why did the three sacrificial lambs (soldiers) go so calmly to the gallows?  Why do people elect to go to combat in Viet Nam (if they didn’t believe in combat) instead of simply choosing a few years of prison?  Why did people called cowards for not enlisting in World War 1 then go out and enlist?    Screw that.  I want to live by own codes, and not allow others to bully me into being a sacrificial lamb.  Go down swinging!

So when the VP flew in that morning, I wanted to wear a tux.  For fun.  To show him that while he thought he was being sneaky as he made his plans the previous two weeks,  I knew exactly what he’d been up to but didn’t have a vested interest to fight him during that time since I already had a better option/place lined up. In essence, I wanted to wear a tux to publicly mock him in the office 🙂  (Receptionist: “Why are you wearing a tux today?”  Me: “Because Scott is waiting in the conference room today to let me go and I wanted to celebrate my freedom.”)   But my wife (wisely) insisted I not do that (wear a tux).  So, instead I showed up two hours late, didn’t shave,  and kept my parking pass so I could get out of the garage.  The tardiness, especially, and later the parking pass, threw a bit of a wrinkle in his plans (for example, it gave him less time to work a transition before his afternoon flight).  If I wasn’t worried about a bonus check that I was supposed to get at the end of the week, I wouldn’t have shown up at all that day at all, so he at least got me to show up.  

Since then, I am at a bettter place, a place where I was going to move to anyway except I had to wait for that darn bonus check, whichg came 6 weeks after the quarter.  So it all worked out for me.  But it would’ve been fun to wear a tux to the office, that day, to show the world that I live by my own code.  

Finally, I love that my team posted 60% growth and had its second profitable quarter in a row (we were profitable and showed growth both quarters I was there) my final quarter there, and that I was able to collect my final bonus check before heading off into the sunset.  And since that occured 3 months ago, my entire 6-person team has quit, they closed zero new contracts and posted a loss, and finally they shut down the office last week.  Maybe I should’ve worn a tux last week, when they had to shut down an office that just 3 months before I had going on a good track 🙂

The Day I wanted to wear a tux to the office…

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