I am grateful I was given foot speed at age 20

I was painfully slow as a teen-ager, then for some reason I suddenly was blessed with foot speed at age 20 (kids in college started calling me “4.2 40 man,” and when I told my lifelong friend how funny it was they thought I was fast he commented that I had in fact had gotten fast).  Then I did realize that in softball people couldn’t throw me out at first base, and that suddenly other players couldn’t outrun me on the football field, and that on a fast break I was outrunning everyone else.  So having footspeed was suddenly like a newfound toy, and honestly I made the most of it – I tormented people on the basketball court, ran out every groundball and stretched every single into doubles, ran long routes on the football field, ran 100 yard dashes exercise.  Other teams would call out “he has wheels” when I walked to the plate, or yell at eahc other when I took the extra base.  One time, when I scored from second base on a fairly routine fly ball tag out, the other team was furious with the ump insisting there was no way I could have scored legally (I did).  ANother time, just a few years ago, wife M left the trunk of her car open as she drove off — I sprinted after the car for two blocks to tell her, and on my way back our neighbor asked if I’d considering trying out for the NFL…  It was all such a rush, one that I truly apprecaited since it came later in life, and although my lung disease won’t allow me to run sprints anymore, I made the most of it for 25 years and am very grateful I was given such a gift. 

I am grateful I was given foot speed at age 20

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