(Boring Post :) ): Notes from party conversations last night…

Attended a birthday party last night with good people, and because my memory is fading, here are some tidbits from my conversations for review before the next gathering:

  • C hopes to get into Northwestern, but probably doesnt’t have the test scores for it.  His mom had wise advixe for him: figutre out what schools to apply to, apply, then don’t stress after that since it is beyond his control.  Worry about where to go after there are options because then that is in his control. I thought that was wonderful advice.
  • J is living in New York, but lived for a time in Savannah.  There are many many islands along that area.  Some oare rustic and ontouched over the centuries, where others are 5 star resorts.  Savannah has one of the top architecture schools in the country.
  • Chris and Katy spend most of their creating in their studios.  They just sold a bunch of their rental properties to pay for a second home on V with beach access.
  • Heather wants to change jobs.  She is in marketing but her current company is kind of a mess, so wants to move into a company that is more menaingful and has a greater purpose.  SHe is also attending school nights.  I gave her my card since a client is looking for a marketer and I’ll pass her resume along as a courtesy to client and Heather.
  • I was surprised by one of ML’s ex=boyfriends – he seemed really introverted and plain, where as she is an inredibly interesting/vivaciou person.  The women he was there with seemed more his kindred spirit – she too seemed a little introverted.  SHe is a dcotor, which is aawesome.  (Reminds me of the the time Brett was talking about his lucky friend who dated a former Miss Brazil or sometthing, and I pointed out to him that he is married to a great lady who happens to also be a surgeon making a million bucks a year.  I am not sure why someone would rate physical beauty more highly than a woman who iss a dcotor/surgeon and highly respected at it – too me, Brett is the lucky dude between he and his friend).
  • Mark and B have been married for a year.  Both have kids from a previous marriage.  SHe is from CHicago, was a sales rep for major hardware companies like IBM, became a full time mom, opened a consulting business for mom’s last year but foudn she was working very hard for less momey than her teen daughter was making 🙂  Is considering returning to sales.  Her daughter is heading off to an Ivy league school, and  although she is gifted in sciences does not want to be a doctor but a businss person.  SHe is also rowing in crew.  He is a transplant from a small town in Oregon.  He was really affable, clean cut.  He sells infrastructure for high rises, moved up here to start the Seattle office, has a sone in Alaska which is hard.  He loved growiing up in Oregon but was time to move on.  
  • Peter grew up in Salem Oregon, and realized later in life how small a town that was. His wife was ML’s babysitter, which is amazing since that puts her in her mid 50s but didn’t look older in 30s.  
  • ML’s mom walks 3 to 5 miles a day, is very busy, has a new 3 year old dog she adores, missses her husband every single minute but is grateful for her life with him.  She is a gracious and dignified woman.
  • Tom continues to buy rentals.  Currently living in Maple Leaf.  Dreams of getting the lot next to his and buliding 4 town homes.
(Boring Post :) ): Notes from party conversations last night…

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