Update on the one step at a time approach to an overwhelming day – it works…

This morning I awakened feeling overwhelmed about my day.  On top of my illness-induced chronic fatigue, I was worn out from a busy two weeks and had a full day of responsibilities.  But I my work day is nearly done and I not only survived but it was a reasonably successful day:

  • Made and drank my coffee.  Fought the urge to feel overwhelmed by blogging about it and reminding myself – step-by-step.
  • Pulled myself from my chair,
  • SKipped my morning ritual of making coffee for my wife, apologizing to her (she understood 🙂 ).
  • Packed my laptop bag.
  • Fed the dog – the part I hate most about the morning. Now I was feeling slightly productive.
  • Took my walk.  Skipped the gym, instead just walked two miles.  
  • At end of my walk, walked to grocery store, bought lunch items plus my breakfast fruit.
  • After grocery store, walked to bank, got cash for cleaner.
  • Plugged in grill. 
  • Made my fruit breakfast.  Ate as I made my lunch.
  • Made my lunch.
  • Sorted laundry from cleaner before I stepped into the shower. 
  • Showered, brushed teeth in shower. Skipped my morning sit-ups/crunches.
  • Dressed – skipped the shirt I wanted to wear, since it had be ironed, and put on a wrinkle-free dress shirt.
  • Picked up dog poop in back yard (yuck).
  • Took bus to work.  
  • Arrived at work, prepped for first meeting.
  • Went to first meeting.
  • Went back to office.  Prepped for second meeting.
  • Second meeting.
  • Made a list of follow up items from the week that needed to be covered.
  • Tackled them one at a time.
  • NEar the ened of the work day.  Prepping presentation for Monday.
  • Tonight, I’ll have a coffee to make it through our five hour social engagement, will have 2 cocktails instead of my usual one to loosen up.  Will make less of an attempt to carry the conversation, will simply stand and smile and engage anyone who approaches me.
  • Tomorrow – a full day of rest!!

In short, I survived!  What did this was my therapy. Before my illness, adrenaline and relentless energy carried me through days like this, but followoing my illness when the energy was gone I’d look at these days and think, “Why did I get sick?  Life is so overwhelming now.”  It was my therapist who taught me to look at one thing at a time, take it a step at a time, don’t look at the big picture.

Life is good sometimes 🙂 

Update on the one step at a time approach to an overwhelming day – it works…

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