Glad to be living in the modern age!  I’d be pretty ugly — and dead — 200 years ago :)

I can say without fear of contradiction or bragging that I am a reasonably physically attractive person.  But if this were before the modern ages, before surgeries and healthcare and such, I’d actually be pretty hideous — and, in fact, quite dead.  

Why?  First, I’ve had corrective lenses since I was 3, which means I’d be almost blind pre-glasses/contacts.  Second, I lost a tooth in 1999, which means I’d be missing a front tooth.  Third, I had a major surgery in 2003 to repair a birth defect in my throat that didn’t surface until adulthood, and without it I’d have a pretty nasty growth on my throat.  Fourth, I had a severe break in my arm when I was 10 — from throwing a ball, not realizing it was broken so playing football with it, at which point it snapped like a twig (yuck) — which means my arm would be severely damaged (it still troubles me sometimes 30 years later, although it did also give me a strange freak strength in that arm for a number of years).  Fifth, my hair is nearly uncontrollable due to cowlicks and without the aid of hair gel and a talented hairdresser it would be pretty comical. And last, because prednisone literally saved my lungs and my life, I would have died a few years ago without the benefit of prednisone, which was only invented a few decades ago.  

So, although there are many things I don’t like about the modern world, I (and probably my wife, who has to look at me every day 🙂 ) am pretty grateful for the modern ages.  

Glad to be living in the modern age!  I’d be pretty ugly — and dead — 200 years ago :)

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